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It is still remembered for its stunning performances by artists Dilip Kumar, Suchitra Sen and Vyjayanthimala. Its simplistic narrative and compassionate performance by Nutan won many admirers.

100 Years Of Bollywood - Bimal Roy: The Silent Master

Bimal Da was an institution in himself. Decades have passed and there is still a lot more to learn from his school of filmmaking. Through this festival, we are aiming not only to appreciate but relive his passion, his outlook towards society and its reform which are still relevant today.

Life's Important Dates Of Bimal Roy

And, any mention of the golden era is incomplete without its plinth, i. We wanted to commemorate the work of this legend and it all fell in place when Boman Irani agreed to be a part of this series.

Hidden Gems Film Festival shines spotlight on classic work of Bimal Roy

As he struggled for work, Promothesh Barua engaged Roy as a publicity photographer. His fine sense of lighting and composition won him accolades from every quarter.

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  2. Hidden Gems Film Festival shines spotlight on classic work of Bimal Roy?

Few know that Bimal Roy made two outstanding documentaries for the British Government. There is no trace of these early masterpieces.

Devdas And 8 Other Bimal Roy Movies That Are A Must-Watch For Any Bollywood Buff

The film made a strong universal impact for its humane portrayal of Indian peasantry. It is considered one of the 10 best Indian films of all time. He was a legend in his lifetime.

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  • A socially committed director, his films had the power to inspire and move audiences. Have been ignorant of the work of this genius and master craftsman. Came to a little bit through autobiography of Dilip Kumar and todays programme on ndtv. Salam dada!