Something Deadly This Way Comes (Madison Avery)

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Currently there are 3 books in the series: Once Dead, Twice Shy Early to Death, Early to Rise Something Deadly This Way Comes -untitled fourth book in the works- This series features examples of: Back From the Dead : Madison herself is this; she died in a car accident caused by a dark reaper and yet managed to snag a magical amulet that let her soul take on a physical form. Celestial Paragons and Archangels : The Seraphs count as this, coming across as awe-inspiring and very frightening. Cute Ghost Girl : Slightly subverted as Madison is portrayed as a punk-rocker style girl but still technically dead.

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Domino Revelation : First angels aka reapers , and ghosts Madison herself , to finally Time Keepers lords of time control. Our Angels Are Different : Angels have light and dark counterparts. There is so far no evidence of demons at all in the universe but the light angels can be counted as the Fallen Angel variety. Dark Is Not Evil : Dark reapers follow fate's choice for humanity and represent the hidden truth.

Therefore, in a sense they are good angels.

Something Deadly This Way Comes (Madison Avery Book 3)

Guardian Angel : These appear a lot. Sort of. Mimicking a natural aura, the black stone rang like a bell that only the divine could hear. Anyone who knew how to listen could find me in a second—be they friend or foe. Which might be a problem if I was out trying to keep my own people from killing someone, and which was why I needed to learn how to hide it. After hanging out with Josh, of course. I felt a twinge of guilt. For all his sour attitude, Barnabas had been on earth longer than Nakita and therefore had all the subtle nuances of human behavior to fit in with the track moms and cheering girlfriends better than Nakita.

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That the two of them hung out with me had the popular cliques cross-eyed. Turning back to the track, I snapped a picture of Josh as he accepted the congratulations of his teammates. Sweat made patterns on his shirt, and his blond hair was dark with it. He was the only one apart from Barnabas and Nakita who knew I was technically dead; not only had he been there as I had died, but he had held my hand during the whole thing.

Everything sort of tasted like rice cakes. Barnabas snickered, his face still hidden under his hat.

Sitting up, Barnabas watched Josh, his eyes not seeing him but the past. She usually took every opportunity to needle Barnabas about his fallen status. When he smiled at me, I felt warm inside. And his kisses, even more.

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Josh gave her a quizzical look, probably wondering at her earnest expression. Three Rivers was a college town, and the students got the joke even if no one else did. His eyes rose to take in Nakita and Barnabas. It was hard to find the time to be alone with Josh between school, my dad, my job at the flower shop, and.