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The little man was fed with those shellfish. They were quite warm and even hot. Probably the walrus cook them secretly, therefore they may have been hot. They set off and moved on till midnight. The old walrus said, "It seems we are nearing land. This time he brought some shellfish of oblong shape.

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He ate again. As soon as we shall see a floe of sea-ice, though a small one, we shall leave you on it. We are beginning to feel afraid. They went away, very far to the open sea. Soon after that he began to be overtaken by sleep. So he roared like a walrus and immediately turned into one. When the dawn of the day came, some people approached in a boat and began to move along towards him.

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Before they were too near, he awoke. Just when the bowman was going to throw the harpoon, he said, "Oh, what are you going to do unto me? Is it not wonderful? You have become a walrus, and we came near killing you. Oh, whence did you come back? We come from a settlement of men. My companion, however, is not with me.

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Those people are wrong-doers. They drilled through his head and killed him. Evil-doers are those people. Then a large company of boats set off. All boats were overloaded with warriors. Lawrence people standing on the seashore. In the rear of the houses was a bay of St. Lawrence Island; there actually a large part of the boatsmen went ashore.

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  5. They walked along in the fog from the rear, just out of sight of the islanders. Then an old man, one of the crew said, "Oh, howl like wolves! Lawrence people and they were not expected by them. Now, when they uttered their howls, another old man, one from St. Lawrence Island, said, "Oh, now they are coming.

    Chukchee mythology

    Then the old man, one of the boat's crew, said again, "Oh, where are you? Now they have become our quarry. Lawrence people. Those from St. Lawrence island hid by the seashore. But those from the boats attacked them from the rear and a slaughter ensued. The St. Lawrence women were already strangling themselves from mere fright. The others, at the same time, were mincing a large quantity of walrus blubber with their kitchen-knives, preparing a meal for the victors.

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    It was a great slaughter. Many St. Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed.

    Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Vladimir Germanovich Bogoraz , best known under the literary pseudonym N.

    Tan, was a Russian revolutionary, writer and anthropologist, especially known for his studies of the Chukchi people in Siberia. He published his first literary works in the early s, but he became famous in under the literary pseudonym Tan for poems and novels published in various periodicals. In , he published the book Chukchi Tales and in , The Verses.

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    The materials, published by Tan-Bogoraz in periodicals of the Russian Academy of Sciences, such as Specimens of Materials for Studying Chukchi Language and Folklore and Studies of Chukchi Language and Folklore Collected in Kolyma District were a very valuable contribution to the development of linguistics and made the author popular around the world. He fled Russia for political reasons in and settled in New York City, where he became curator of the American Museum, and produced his great works The Chukchee and Chukchee Mythology During the s and '30s he did important anthropological work creating and teaching written languages for indigenous Siberian peoples and founded the Institute of the Northern Peoples in Leningrad.

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