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The Books of Norene I

What was her name? Did it begin with an N? Even in your hour of need, you ask about my son. Her voice cracked and dropped to a hoarse whisper.


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Her brain chemicals were in hyper drive, nothing more. He was from Eden. Sharon Buchbinder has been writing fiction since middle school and has the rejection slips to prove it. Graduating with a BA in Psychology and no job, she realized her dreams of working in the attic writing great novels would have to take a back seat to the simple pleasures of eating, drinking, and having a roof over her head. Unger Christiania, , I, ch.

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He believed that the older variant is characterized by the innate ability to shape-shift, which is usually associated with war and warlike activities. He points out that traces of this ancient belief are still found in stories about berserks that were most likely brought to Iceland with the original settlers. The German scholar Wolfgang Golther had previously made a similar argument in Handbuch der germanischen Mythologie in Sveinsson believed that the more recent variant came to Iceland with French romances in the thirteenth century and that it probably had a Celtic origin; in this variant the wolf nature is in most cases a result of a spell.

They reveal how the two variants were developed and combined, each influencing the other. For the man-bear motif in Scandinavia, see, e. Hirzel, , pp. The key term in this context is hamr. And the irons clattering. In many stories of shape-shifting, the hamr is described as a sort of costume, e. Erling Monsen Cambridge: Heffer and Sons, , p.

No weapons can harm them and they tolerate wounds better than other men. The berserk frenzy is actually closely related to shape-shifting, for in both cases men acquire the attributes of animals. Berserks have therefore been variously defined as warriors in bear pelts or warriors without armor. Egils saga, ch. Engelmannum, , ch. The condition is therefore psychological in the case of the berserk, but physical in the case of werewolves and other shape-shifters.

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As might be expected, the distinction between the psychological and physical condition is not always clear-cut and sometimes depends on inter- pretation. In the literature, we have cases where individuals actually undergo transformation, or where their souls depart from their bodies and take on the form of an animal.

This can be seen in shape-shifting stories from around the world, including those from Iceland, e. Wolves were beasts of battle, with strongly negative associations. In fact, the Germanic peoples used the term vargr for outlaws, those who had forfeited their rights to participate in human society. Melsted Copenhagen, , p. Golther, Handbuch der germanischen Mythologie, pp. The notion of the outlaw as a wolf werewolf was widespread among the Germanic and related peoples and can be traced back to the mythology of antiquity, well beyond the bounds of the Germanic cultural field, even as far back as in Hittite law of the thirteenth century BC.

Vargr is used in this way for outlaws in other Icelandic sources, both in the sagas and the Eddic poems. Still, this is not clear-cut, and the two terms have a similar function, as we shall see. The son of an outlaw is always disinherited. See notes in Snorri Sturluson, Edda. Prologue and Gylfaginning, ed. Anthony Faulkes Oxford: Clarendon Press, , p. His shape-shifting ability is innate and emerges in battle.


The motif appears in the very first chapter of the saga in the person of the aforementioned Sigi who figuratively becomes a wolf vargr. The incident bears a strong resemblance to similar ones in stories of testing in that it is only Sigmundr, the tenth son, who survives.

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  • They are magic pelts, which can be removed only every tenth day. Thus, the motif is spell related. Klaeber boston: D. Heath, , p. In this sense, the wolf could also be understood as symbolic of the power that brings victory, according to ancient Norse and Germanic belief.

    Jesse L. Byock Berkeley: Univ. Charlotte F. Otten New York: Syracuse Univ. Press, , pp. London: Thames and Hudson, , p. This presumably reflects his innate inheritance, along with the fact that if he is not to be killed along with his father, he will later become his revenger. The Eddic poems constitute one of the two categories of poetry practiced by Norsemen since before the Viking Age. They are now preserved in manuscripts from the thirteenth century and later, the oldest one dating from circa Although we can say that this episode is closely connected to ancient initiation practices,41 it is not clear at what Other translations are not quite accurate either; e.

    Examples of the negative connotation of wolves are also found in other Eddic material. The poem is only preserved in late paper manuscripts, and in the introduction to his edition, Bugge suggests that it should be excluded from later editions, as it is of a more recent date than other Eddic poems and is written in a different style. Prologue and Gylfaginning, p. The Eddic poem Lokasenna relates the same incidents, but in a different way. See Eddadigte, II, the prose at the end of the poem, p. This terse passage is ambiguous; Narfi either took on the shape of a wolf or he simply became an outlaw see the discussion of the ambivalence of the term vargr earlier in this article.

    Sveinsson mentioned as remnants of the ancient belief—the werewolf is depicted negatively in several late medieval romances. In Gibb- ons saga, an Icelandic romance from the fourteenth century, preserved in the manuscript AM 4to from circa , the dwarf Asper turns himself into a huge wolf, black as coal and evil-looking as the devil. In his lupine shape, Asper fights the ogress Obscura, and for his valor he is rewarded with four castles and an earldom. Gibbons saga, ed.

    This may perhaps be a late sixteenth-century rationalization. BC recorded that certain sorcerers Munksgaard, , p. Petronius, Satyrica, ed. Pliny quotes the Greek historian Evantes, who wrote about a certain Arcadian tribe: every nine years, these Arcadians had to choose one member who would be transformed into a wolf. After this time, he would change back. In a story about St. Pat- rick became angry and asked God to punish them for their disobedience. From then on the tribe lived under a curse, in that every member would for a period of seven years become a wolf, live out in the forest, and eat the food of wolves.

    Distinguishing a werewolf from a human is trickier though. Here are the symptoms you need to look for:. It all started with a wolf attack … or something that looked a lot like a wolf. If you were attacked and bitten by a wolf or another wolf-like animal, it could mean that you were just attacked and bitten by a wolf or another wolf-like animal. However, the rest of the symptoms in combination with this one would most likely point to you being a werewolf. So if you remember an attack like this, definitely check the rest of the symptoms.

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    There is a possibility that you have suppressed the memory of the attack. There is a lot of animal hair in your flat but no pets. If you don't own a dog or a cat, yet there are still dust bunnies of animal hair in the corners that appear no matter how often you vacuum, then there is definitely an animal in the room. So if your friends are not making fun of you and regularly bringing a dog to your flat or house while you are away, it could mean that the animal shedding hair is you.

    Not only dogs moult, you know.

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    • If you have an incredible urge to howl when there is a full moon in the sky or when other dogs and wolves howl, then you are definitely sharing with them more than you think. Need I say more? First things first: there is a non-werewolf type of silver allergy, which usually takes years to develop and is in reality an allergy to nickel, and then there is a more aggressive werewolf type of silver allergy, which develops in a matter of minutes. So what is the difference between the non-werewolf and the werewolf type of allergy?

      The latter is usually much faster and very painful. If a werewolf touches anything made of silver, the skin would not only develop blisters, it would get burnt immediately. So if silver feels like a red-hot pan to you, you are probably a werewolf.