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Though the final product has no job system, Aerith's Limit Breaks manifest as her drawing power from the earth, a typical trait of Geomancers. In the original development materials it is stated the DNA of her mother Ifalna, not Jenova, would have been used to create SOLDIER members, and Aerith herself would have been cheerful but naive regarding men, having never been in a relationship. Cloud would have deduced the unnamed SOLDIER was Sephiroth, and would have gone out of his way to hide evidence of Sephiroth's true character from Aerith to avoid shattering her idealized vision of him.

This was changed to Sephiroth being Aerith's former love, and then dropped. Though he has made humorous remarks to the contrary, Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Aerith's death was always planned to be part of the plot, even when she, Cloud and Barret were the only planned characters. In an interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly , Nomura stated the following: [11]. Aerith's appearance in the original and Complete versions of Advent Children. When discussing the making of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children , co-director Takeshi Nozue has said that Aerith's appearance was designed with particular detail, as it was believed fans would pay close attention to her when she appeared.

Tetsuya Nomura stated they knew from the beginning they would not show her face until the final scenes, and when her face was finally revealed, he thought she looked "cuter than ever. In original concepts for Aerith's appearance to Cloud in a vision at the Forgotten City, the plan was for Aerith to appear on the back of Cloud's motorcycle and ride with him as they spoke. Motion capture for the sequence was done, but the scene was discarded when the development staff felt it would look too much like a ghost looming over Cloud's shoulder. Aerith was first voiced in Kingdom Hearts , and has had a number of different voice actresses in English.

Aerith is is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese. Briana auditioned not expecting to be cast, as Aerith is her first real voice acting role, and prior to playing the game, her only experience with the Final Fantasy series was with Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV , which she had enjoyed. A few months following the reveal of Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Remake in , Briana published a video on her YouTube channel, publicly addressing her audience and saying she is extremely excited for the game.

Aerith's musical theme is called "Aerith's Theme. In addition, the background theme of the final dungeon , "The Great Northern Cave," contains a motif from her theme. Later versions, including versions with lyrics and orchestrated by Nobuo Uematsu , use the original title. In , during a special event titled "Awakening Cloud" for Final Fantasy Record Keeper , players were treated with a special theme, a heavy metal cover of " Fight On!

Aerith has made appearances in the following games in the Final Fantasy series :. Aerith is referenced by Cloud towards Yuna in the introduction of Dead Fantasy IV as a person he said goodbye to a long time ago. Both share the same hairstyle of a ponytail adorned with a ribbon, but her role in the series is an antagonist.

An NPC in the Miner quests in 1. Aerith Gainsborough is also among the names used in example sentences for the chat log filtering configuration. Aerith's outfit appears as a costume for Lyudmila N Ignatova in the third-person shooter arcade game Gunslinger Stratos 2. Announced during a Tokyo Game Show, the costume was released as part of a Final Fantasy-themed collaboration event for the game in November, The anti-virus, "Cloud", is found inside the September issue of a magazine called "Aeris".

Aerith has been alluded to in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. In Cloud's reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. In the next game in the franchise, Super Smash Bros. To commemorate the achievement, a picture is shown of Cloud holding Princess Zelda in water similarly to when he was laying Aerith's body to the lake in Forgotten City. Aerith, or more specifically, her funeral, was referenced in one of the challenge images where Cloud is carrying Zelda in a body of water as her face is contorted in agony.

Aerith has appeared in numerous merchandise. Her Remake flower necklace is also released as official jewelry. Aerith's name is meant to sound similar to "earth" due to her connection to the Planet.

In the September issue of the Famitsu magazine, it is said "Aeris" is the transliteration of the word into katakana: "earth" turned into "earisu," Aerith's Japanese name. It is also a modern Hebrew girls' name, Irit. This might have been appropriate, considering Aerith's association with flowers. Her name could also be representative of Tiferet, also pronounced Tifereth, representative of the sixth Sefira in the Tree of Life symbolizing love, beauty and self-sacrifice.

Given how Tifa's concept was developed after the decision to have Aerith die and certain characteristic originally attributed to Aerith in earlier story-boards were transferred to Tifa's storyline, it would make sense their names would be derived from a split of "Tifereth. Many European surnames derive from locations. Final Fantasy VII derives symbolism from Jewish mysticism, and Aerith's character may have been influenced by it as well. Sephirot are the ten attributes through which God appears, and Aerith may be tied to one such attribute, chesed , meaning kindness or love.

It is a virtue which contributes to a concept translated as the healing of the world and the concept suggests man's responsibility to repair and transform the world. The Talmud says "the Torah begins with chesed and ends with chesed," and Aerith is the first and last character seen in the main events of Final Fantasy VII excepting the epilogue. Those who embody chesed go "above and beyond that which is normally required," and chesed is the first of the sephirot of the attribute of action; in other words the initiation of action.

This is similar to how Aerith ventures off alone to summon Holy. The gematria a numerological system for assigning numbers to words of chesed is 72; Aerith's birthday is the 7th of February. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. February 1, Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, Aeris met Cloud while selling flowers on the streets of Midgar Contents [ show ].

Skip section. Early life Edit. I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won't remember them all, so I put them all together into one I'd like to spend more time with you. I never blamed you. Not once. You came for me Spoilers end here. Main article: Aerith Gainsborough gameplay. We knew even in the early concept stage that one character would have to die. But we only had three to choose from. I mean, Cloud's the main character, so you can't really kill him. And Barret But we had to pick between Aerith and Barret.

We debated this for a long time, but in the end decided to sacrifice Aerith In the previous FF games, it became almost a signature theme for one character to sacrifice him or herself, and often it was a similar character type from game to game, kind of a brave, last-man-standing, Barret-type character. So everyone expected that. And I think that death should be something sudden and unexpected, and Aerith's death seemed more natural and realistic.

Now, when I reflect on Final Fantasy VII, the fact that fans were so offended by her sudden death probably means that we were successful with her character.

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If fans had simply accepted her death, that would have meant she wasn't an effective character. Main article: Aerith's Theme. Trouble with the audio sample? Main article: Aerith Gainsborough other appearances. Main article: Aerith Gainsborough non-Final Fantasy appearances. Main article: Aerith Gainsborough merchandise gallery.

Main article: Aerith Gainsborough gallery. Categories :. Cancel Save. Midgar - Nibelheim - Promised Land - Wutai. Artwork - Locations - Timeline - Translations - Wallpapers. Artwork - Translations - Wallpapers - Walkthroughs. Playable Zack Fair. They fed the dog and shut the lights, and we were on our own again. But as the sun began to rise.

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We were running out of shadows to hide ourselves behind. Would you love me one more time, before we raise the blinds and make the bed? My little train wreck. Your eyes are smiling but your cheeks are wet. We fell asleep just like we used to, legs all tangled in the sheets.

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I know you dreamed that bus to Houston, heard you talking in your sleep. I would have held you all day long. But when I opened up my eyes you were already gone. Little Bird. The time has come to bring it home. Little bird with a broken wing. So what do you say? I watch the dust dance across the floor.

It used to be so easy to ignore the sun has set, but the sun will rise. What can I do? It was all for you, it was all for you. Not That Simple. Another one has already wrung all of the tear drops from your eyes. Still every time you smile I think that everything is gonna be just fine.

I know, I got no fight. Never gonna be simple. Wedding Song. When you found me I was broken clear in two. My heart was split wide open, tired of hoping, tired of playing the fool. But you did what I thought nobody could do. Now you ask for nothing more than to be by my side. And when you say it like you say it, Love, your smile makes it easy to oblige.

All the hurting and the flirting that I thought would never end.

Blood Is Squicker in Water

If you were holding my hand. Oh Brother can we please go back? I miss the river and the railroad track. I gotta know if it all still means what I thought it did when I was seventeen. Was born a winner now I live to lose. And every day is up and down, like the price of gasoline. And go limping home to Caroline, where the rain will fall and the sun will shine.

Nobody else can tell you what it takes. You put your heart on a shelf or you let it break. The rain came down with the thunder and the lightning. I do believe that we will pay for our mistakes. But the songs we sing together are the ones that bring me home. A Life for You. So give me a kiss, give me a smile, guess this is it before the final bullets sing.

I wanna see you spread your wings. This is a game I never learned to play. So give me a kiss, give me a smile. Before the final bullets fly, take to the sky. Somewhere Between. Getting Good At Waiting. When Bitter Met Sweet. Did he ask about me? When I close my eyes to sleep I see your smiling face and every time you leave, it gets harder to stay it gets harder to keep turning you away to keep turning you away.

All I Got. So if I gave a little, would you give a little? Or would you take all that I got? If you had a little, would you save a little piece? For Eleanora. Whatcha drinking, Eleanora? Got your eye on the top shelf? Is he hitting you again? The film opened with a limited release on 6 August and entered at No. The film then spent just over a month below the top 20 while still in the top The film later expanded to over theatres on 10 September, achieving No.

The film received generally positive reviews. Ebert described The Wall as "a stunning vision of self-destruction" and "one of the most horrifying musicals of all time The music is strong and true, the images are like sledge hammers, and for once, the rock and roll hero isn't just a spoiled narcissist, but a real, suffering image of all the despair of this nuclear age.

This is a real good movie. However, he admitted that the "central image" of the fascist rally sequence "will stay with me for an awful long time. Seeing it now in more timid times, it looks more daring than it did in , when I saw it at Cannes It's disquieting and depressing and very good. It was chosen for the opening night of Ebertfest Danny Peary wrote that the "picture is unrelentingly downbeat and at times repulsive The cinematography by Peter Biziou is extremely impressive and a few of the individual scenes have undeniable power.

It has been suggested that the protagonist stands in some way for Waters. Beyond the obvious parallel of them both being rock stars, Waters lost his father while he was an infant and had marital problems, divorcing several times. Romero and Cabo place the Nazism and imperialism related symbols in the context of Margaret Thatcher 's government and British foreign policy especially concerning the Falklands issue.

A second documentary about the film was produced in entitled Retrospective that includes interviews with Waters, Parker, Scarfe, and other members of the film's production team.

The film soundtrack contains most songs from the album, albeit with several changes, as well as additional material see table below. A soundtrack album from Columbia Records was listed in the film's end credits, but only a single containing "When the Tigers Broke Free" and the rerecorded "Bring the Boys Back Home" was released. Guitarist David Gilmour dismissed the album as a collection of songs that had been rejected for The Wall project, but were being recycled.

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The song, in the edit used for the single, also appears on the compilation album Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Pink Floyd album, see The Wall. For other works related to the Pink Floyd album, see Wall disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Alan Parker Gerald Scarfe animation. See also: The Wall. The premiere at Cannes was amazing — the midnight screening. They took down two truckloads of audio equipment from the recording studios so it would sound better than normal. It was one of the last films to be shown in the old Palais which was pretty run down and the sound was so loud it peeled the paint off the walls.

It was like snow — it all started to shower down and everyone had dandruff at the end. I remember seeing Terry Semel there, who at the time was head of Warner Bros. They were only five rows ahead of me and I'm sure I saw Steven Spielberg mouthing to him at the end when the lights came up, 'what the fuck was that?

It was like nothing anyone had ever seen before — a weird fusion of live-action, story-telling and of the surreal. So it's difficult, painful and despairing, and its three most important artists came away from it with bad feelings. Why would anybody want to see it? Perhaps because filming this material could not possibly have been a happy experience for anyone—not if it's taken seriously.

British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 16 August Sight and Sound; London Vol. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved 1 January Rock Eras: Interpretations of Music and Society, — Popular Press. Open Court Publishing Company. Retrieved 10 July Radiohead and philosophy. Saucerful of Secrets.

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Dell Publishing. Floydian Slip. Retrieved 22 June Is That It? Retrieved 7 January Da Capo Press. Pink Floyd — The Music and the Mystery. London: Omnibus. Pink Floyd: the Visual Documentary [Updated ed.