100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers, Edition 2

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Shape Created with Sketch. Lesbian Visibility Day: Most influential lesbian women of Show all Even though she only came out in , the actor seems to have long made a point of taking on roles which allow her to portray queer characters. The year-old founded gal-dem , a UK-based digital publication launched by and for women and non-binary people of colour, which she started while still at university.

The magazine has gone from strength to strength, securing investment and sponsorship from the likes of Glossier and partnerships with Penguin Random House and The Guardian. One of the most vocal openly gay women in Hollywood, Page got married to her partner dancer and choreographer Emma Portner last year, after writing a lengthy Facebook post in which she called out the homophobia and sexism she has experienced in the film industry.

The post was shared more than , times and widely praised for raising awareness of issues which had for so long been ignored. In , DeGeneres appeared in a Netflix stand-up special, Relatable , which was widely praised. Had the midterm elections gone differently, Valdez — a Latinx lesbian woman and former Dallas County sheriff — could have become governor of Texas, one of the most notoriously socially conservative states in the country. She narrowly lost the election, but her Democratic nomination alone made history.

Last year it was announced that the Orange Is The New Black actor was cast as Batwoman in an upcoming show, making her the first openly lesbian lead superhero in television. While she uses female pronouns, she has also stated that she is genderfluid and enjoys being perceived as androgynous. Her impressions are often politically driven and scathing of the Trump administration when it comes to issues such as immigration and gender equality.

She was recently cast in an upcoming film about the Fox News sexual harassment scandal. She is also head of equality at trade union PCS, trustee at Diva Magazine , a publication for queer women, and co-editor of Sista! In she refused an MBE. Writer, actor, comedian and co-founder of the Women's Equality Party, Toksvig is often considered the first high profile British woman to come out as a lesbian, and thanks to her TV work and advocacy remains as relevant as ever. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists.

I would like to receive the best features and trends across the world of lifestyle every week by email. She also hosted The Bi Life, a bisexual dating show, on E! She has even filmed some scenes for the famous Aussie soap opera Neighbours, which has made stars out of Kylie Minogue, Russell Crowe, and Liam Hemsworth. All Stars : Season 3 winner. Social media, touring, and a now-famous YouTube show produced by World of Wonder called UNHhhh , which she hosts with fellow season-seven also-ran Katya.

After winning All Stars 3 , she launched an international tour to support her country albums, Two Birds and One Stone both of which charted. My look, the Barbie thing I do, went against the algorithm a bit.

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But I was happy to be the sleeper agent. I moved to L. Your job is to invite them to become fans of you as your own independent thing. I was always touring. So when I won, I really just won back the money I spent to do it. All Stars : Season 2 fifth place. She has an outsize influence not just on drag and its vernacular but on Drag Race in particular. All Stars : Season 2 ninth place. One of the youngest queens on her season, Adore has always been a big hit with the teens. She was the first drag queen to reach 1 million Instagram followers now closer to 2 million , and she has used social media to support and promote her three studio albums and some slick music videos.

The rock-and-roll princess is overseas for most of , touring in Australia and Europe. All Stars : Season 2 winner. She also makes Race Chaser, a Drag Race recap podcast on which she and Willam Belli lovingly make fun of the reality show that launched them to stardom. I got to fly out to Romania and shoot this fucking outdoor sword-fighting scene in a fake castle. Does she want to fight some sharks, or what? To put it in her own words, Bob is a queen for the people. Since getting into drag after watching season one of Drag Race and competing on season eight, she has built an Instagram following of 1.

Next up: a drag take on Lady Macbeth. Every video I make, I put on Patreon first. I find that concentrating on people that love you, like the fans who actually want to tip you, is better than focusing on haters. One of only three queens to be on Drag Race three times, this inspirational fan favorite has worked pretty much constantly since first appearing on the show, including multiple international tours with Werq the World and Haters Roast. Two drink tickets! For two numbers! You do two numbers and spend all your tips back on more drinks, so it really does wind up costing you money to work.

Today, oh my God. The blowup is severely real. The goal is, once you get on there, what are you gonna do after? We all get different gigs. A lot of girls make the mistake of doing quick-money gigs. The first reigning Gen-Z queen entered the Drag Race orbit with the bona fides of a performer well beyond her years after coming up through the NYC club circuit under the wings of nightlife legends Susanne Bartsch and Amanda Lepore.

Since her win, Aquaria has launched herself into the fashion world: She had a spread in Vogue Italia and was a face of the M. The TV show has turned us into celebrities. I became part of the economics of that, adjusting your drag to fit the expectations of the system. So last year I decided to stop working with the producers of Drag Race for touring and bar productions. I get a say in how the other performers are treated and compensated, how the bathrooms are labeled, how the meet and greet is run — all the details of manning a creative queer space.

A lot of my productions have been done with sponsorships with Lyft or M. C Cosmetics, because they can provide the capital to make these things possible. All Stars : Season 2 runner-up. Detox solidified her legendary Drag Race status by making it to the top four in both season five and All Stars 2, and her neon, Mugler-inspired fashion permanently raised the bar on what passed for a winning runway look.

She continues to make bank on global tours like Werq the World and has shown off her famous plastic surgery on the reality series Botched. All Stars : Season 4 co-winner. The rare queen who can blend the poise and glitz of a pageant girl with the wit and originality of a comedy queen, Trinity has been an outlier since she came in fourth on season nine of Drag Race. She currently has 1. At the Met Gala, along with Aquaria, Violet was the first drag queen to walk the carpet.

This towering Korean-American queen serves looks unlike anyone else in the Drag Race galaxy. Her post— Drag Race career has included several makeup and beauty-product collaborations, including a line of sheet masks, and brand deals with everyone from Starbucks to Lush to a shopping app.

She and Major Scales have toured as the Vaudevillians, a pair of old-time performers frozen in a glacier and thawed out by global warming. But extravagance is the name of the game for her: Her first studio album, Rules! All Stars : Season 4 seventh place. The rest of our top by power peer group.

In alphabetical order by first name; asterisk denotes queen on most recent season. Asia was the first queen to use live animals in a lip sync, but in a fabulous fail, the butterflies that were supposed to fly out of her top fell to Earth. Some even looked dead. All Stars : Season 3 sixth place. Originally from Toronto, Brooke Lynn was the first Canadian contestant to appear on the show.

The Best of LGBTQ+ Pride on The Ellen Show

All Stars : Season 1 winner. Gia was the first queen to be eliminated twice in Snatch Game. All Stars : Season 2 eighth place.

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Jujubee never won a Drag Race main challenge. Kameron is the fourth queen to enter the competition with the surname Michaels. The first trans woman to originate a principal role on Broadway. Miz Cracker is the only contestant to win the makeover challenge but not advance to the finale. Monique has been outspoken about racism in the gay and drag communities. All Stars : Season 1 runner-up. Though devastated by two runner-up finishes on Drag Race, Raven went on to earn an Emmy nomination for makeup work on later episodes of the show.

The Most Powerful Drag Queens in America, Ranked

Though Yvie injured herself during a choreography challenge, she was able to finish the competition. All Stars : Season 3 seventh place. Aja was often criticized by the judges and her peers for her makeup, though she was gifted with a sewing machine. Blair is the only Drag Race contestant from Indiana. All Stars : Season 2 tenth place. When Alyssa, who originally won the competition, was disqualified, Coco took the crown.

In , Delta won an Emmy for work as a personal stylist on season ten of Drag Race. In season nine, Eureka exited the competition after tearing her ACL during a cheerleader challenge, becoming the only queen to exit because of a medical problem.