How to choose a counter top Granite vs Quartz Counter Tops.

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Though it does require more than the occasional wipe down, the attention needed is a worthy tradeoff to properly preserve this valuable investment. Corian is the ultimate design material. Created by DuPont, this smooth surface is completely engineered to achieve even your most ambitious desires. Designers, architects and homeowners around the world are discovering the immense potential of Corian countertops.

Why choose Corian over another natural or engineered stone? At first glance, it may seem like Corian belongs in a category all its own. Upon closer inspection, it's clear that the Corian offers advantages comparable to other smooth surfaces at a cost that can accommodate even the strictest of budgets.

Before you choose a standard kitchen countertop, discover the many benefits this amazing option offers. Appearance: Corian is a functional, reasonably priced material manufactured from a mix of polymers and natural minerals. Solid surfaces like Corian are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, allowing for complete kitchen customization.

If you can imagine it, a seamless Corian surface can match it.

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops

This completely synthetic material gives you unlimited design possibilities. Maintenance: Though Corian is susceptible to stains and scratches, these blemishes can be easily removed with household cleaner. As with the other fine furniture in your home, your Corian surface is not indestructible. Thankfully, damage is preventable and the scrapes or scuffs it may experience can be fixed.

Here are some additional tips on how you can properly maintain your Corian countertops. Durability: With the ability to cut and fabricate the countertop to your desired thickness, H. Ross stands by this impact-resistant surface. Corian surfaces can be found in some of your favorite bars and restaurants, giving you full assurance that it can handle the demands of constant, heavy usage.

Cost: One of the greatest benefits of Corian is that it is not mined and does not require highly labor-intensive processing steps. The absence of natural materials significantly reduces the cost for this versatile surface. Corian is perfect for homeowners who want to maximize their budget. Kitchen Magic considers Corian the best value for a kitchen countertop. Every homeowner in Lancaster and the surrounding area should not decide on a countertop material without first considering a custom Corian surface.

Its range of customization is endless and although it may show small signs of wear and tear, these damages can be fixed quickly and affordably. For the creative homeowner looking for an option outside of traditional stone choices like granite and quartz, Corian is a solid option. While granite, quartz and Corian offer several unique advantages, the best countertop material for your kitchen is the one that most closely fits your needs. Ross takes pride in supplying only the highest-quality granite, quartz and Corian countertops for kitchens throughout the beautiful neighborhoods of Harrisburg, Reading, York and Lancaster.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Make yours a special space with gorgeous countertops from H. We're proud to have served families throughout Central Pennsylvania for over 60 years and are committed to surpassing expectations for decades to come. Our experience and expertise has made us a trusted resource for households of all varieties. Don't settle for just any kitchen surface when an affordable, high-quality solution is readily available at H. Visit our showroom today and allow one of our courteous employees to help you find the countertop that will transform your kitchen into the space of your dreams.

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The time has come to give your kitchen a much-needed facelift. The addition of sleek and smooth kitchen countertops are what you need to complete your kitchen. Finding the Right Countertop Fit for Your Home Granite, quartz and Corian: three exceptional materials that will work wonders in your kitchen. Here are some questions to keep in mind before selecting a surface: 1. What Are Your Lifestyle Needs? How Much Do You Cook? How Much Maintenance Is Required? What's Your Budget? You may be a bit confused in that there are granite countertops and quartz countertops. As discussed above, granite is a type of rock that is partially composed of quartz, a mineral.

Therefore, what exactly is a quartz countertop? This may remind you of a white sandy beach with a few brown and pink specs.

Most Durable Countertop Material: 6 Choices | HouseLogic

The natural sorting of quartz on beaches is driven by mineral strength I'll get to that below and their differential weathering rates. As weaker minerals weather and erode relatively quicker than quartz, you are left with quartz as a predominant mineral in well weathered sediment systems i. This creates a very durable artificial rock without pores or cracks. The pigment is used to provide coloration that is naturally found in quartz arenite.

Here, I'll directly compare both granite countertops and quartz countertops with physical, chemical, and geologic parameters.

Granite VS Quartz Countertops

Where noted, I use quartz arenite instead of the composite quartz countertop due to lack of data on the quartz composites. Another important aspect when considering the two options is radon and unfortunately there is a variety of misleading or scare-mongering information online. Radon is a radioactive gas that is naturally found in granite due to the decay of radium to radon. Based on significant research from granite's around the world, it is determined that there is a minimal and acceptable amount of radon in average granite building materials. Although quartz countertops will have less to zero radon, it does not preclude granite as a "less safe" choice in kitchen countertops.

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Given the radiation naturally encountered through flying, walking around a city, and living your everyday life, it is not significant enough to discourage granite in the household. EPA map of high radon areas in the United States.

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Although the ground quartz component is mined directly from the earth, it must be bound with manmade resins to form quartz slabs. Granite offers more visual variety. Both granite and quartz countertops come in a variety of hues and patterns to suit the unique color palette of your kitchen. The lighter patina of quartz also conceals seams gaps between adjacent slabs on the countertop more effectively than granite, whose darker patina from its mica component makes seams more noticeable.

Which you choose depends on what else is going on in your kitchen. Granite has an earthier texture. The mineral crystals in granite, often bearing microscopic fissures small raised lines with a pronounced color , give it a slightly coarser, earthier texture than quartz.

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The more finely ground the quartz, the glossier and more polished the overall appearance. Quartz is generally less expensive. The cost of a granite or quartz countertop depends on the thickness of the slab, the color, the edge profile e.