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Near East origin

Another discovery was made in at an even older site on the island of Cyprus. A cat had been buried with its owner, which almost certainly answered the question of whether it was wild or domestic.

This finding pushed back the existence of the domestic cat another 1, years! Understanding this answer may also solve the mystery of when they were domesticated. There has been a hypothesis for quite some time that humans tamed cats when they became an agricultural society 12, years ago. When we began to grow ancient versions of wheat, and rice, and other grains, we realized cats kept rodents away from the crops. Over time, wild cats were attracted to these grain growing communities because of the plethora of food supply, aka rodents, and they became domesticated by default.

Associations with human culture

Several years ago, the hypothesis was substantiated by a team of archaeologists who found cat bones dating back 5, years in a Chinese village that had successfully grown millet. Piecing together the history of the domestic cat has been tricky because the skeletons of wildcats and house cats are virtually indistinguishable.

All that separates them are coat colour variations, a slightly smaller size and, of course, a more friendly demeanour. Cats were neither hunting nor herding helpers, like dogs, or food sources, like cattle, meaning that archaeological records of cat and human relationships are less abundant. All of the domestic cats — from the fancy breeds to feral tabbies — fell within the Near Eastern wildcat group. Furthermore, lap cats descended from five distinct mitochondrial DNA lineages. Many domestic cat owners have found them to capture mice or birds.

In fact, many people have their beloved cats around to help reduce the chances of them experiencing problems with rodents.

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The diet of a cat can vary significantly. There are wet and dry cat foods out there that are variable.

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Owners often find that they need to try out various foods though before they get one that their cat will like. Mating can occur for the domestic cat at any time of the year.

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The females will give birth about days after mating. The litter can have up to 5 kittens in it.

A Brief History of House Cats

The young are weaned at about 6 weeks of age. The typical female can have up to 3 litters of kittens per year. The lifespan of the domestic cat can range significantly. Some of them only life a couple of years due to injuries or disease.

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  6. Those that have loving owners that attend to their needs can easily live for 15 years. The genetic profile of a cat though often determines the quality of life. Many of them have a tendency to suffer from ailments including arthritis, loss of hearing, or loss of sight.