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Denny Martin Flynn. The Final Nexus. Gene DeWeese. Legacies: Book 3: Purgatory's Key. Dayton Ward. The Vulcan Academy Murders. Jean Lorrah. Rise of the Federation: Live by the Code. The Autobiography of James T. David A.

Uhura's Song. Janet Kagan. Deep Domain. Kirsten Beyer. The Wounded Sky. Diane Duane. Doctor's Orders. Mutiny on the Enterprise.

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Robert E. Yesterday's Son. Star Trek: Best Destiny. Diane Carey. David R. George III. Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel. Q are Cordially Uninvited Rudy Josephs. The Light Fantastic. Jeffrey Lang. St 73 Recovery. J M Dillard. Barbara Hambly. Dreams of the Raven. Carter Carmen. Shadows on the Sun. Michael Jan Friedman. Hearts and Minds. Peter David. Department of Temporal Investigations: Time Lock. Strangers From The Sky. Margaret Wander Bonanno. Titan: Absent Enemies. Come and get it, T'hy'la, your present's under the covers.

It lets us in on their hot and heavy lovemaking. Captured in the heartpounding moments of their arousal, we can tell by the expressions on their lips and the placement of Jim's hand what they are experiencing. Lost in ecstasy. And me too! Just sublime in black and white. If you are interested in seeing if there are warnings for any of the stories, go to the paragraph on back issues on page The information won't be in bold or set apart in any way.

The front cover is by T'Guess. Ivy created "Morning Coffee" and "Triptych. The last two lines brought a lump to my throat. He appears mysterious and so sad. The desert monoliths of his home world rise up into the darkening sky and threaten to overwhelm him. I want to tell him to hang on; Veger is coming! T'hy'la 29 was published in July and contains pages. Lorraine Brevig - Cover. Additional art by Blacklily , Helen, and Ivy. Poetry by by Starshadow. It conveys its message well and works right in with the accompanying story. Again, the artist has done a realistic job of portraying the bruises and swelling in his face.

Beautiful imagery. Here we are again alongside page Another image painted by computer, this one showing Kirk in intensive care, with Spock helplessly pressing his hand against the glass. There are ragged edges to the picture, almost as ragged as the emotions being depicted. Again the use of darkness to convey the mood is very well done.

Truly a picture worth a thousand words. T'hy'la 30 was published in July and contains pages. Poetry by Elenadia. This is a pencil drawing of a naked Kirk and Spock sitting on a couch as they are making love. There are nice details in the background — looks like they are having fun on shoreleave! The main image is Spock clutching a stylus for dear life. He is standing in the middle of his quarters stiffly trying to control his shaking hands at the onset of pon farr.

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Fantasies made shockingly real. I had to look twice at this before what I was seeing actually penetrated sorry my brain, but when it did it made me gasp. A brilliant piece of work! Frontispiece by Liz: This is a beautiful photomanip, with the focus on Spock after Amok Time as he thinks about Kirk and what happened on Vulcan.

This is a very creative composition. Endpiece — Greywolf: Who knew Greywolf could draw? The first one shows Kirk in his red uniform seated at a chess table with Spock, who is wearing his blue TOS uniform. The second one is a picture of Kirk on horseback with a picture of the older Spock from TNG episode Unification superimposed. The last one is beautiful picture of a sleeping Spock.

I enjoyed these a lot and thought they enhanced the story. Jump to: navigation , search. Finally,The Valley of Love and Delight" isset many years after the events of the five year mission and the movies. The other stories in this universe can be found in various issues of the zine "Kaleidoscope". Emily, you are very much missed. See reactions and reviews for Remember Me.

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See reactions and reviews for Lost Sailor. See reactions and reviews for ComeupPANce. See reactions and reviews for Thoughts: Letting Go. See reactions and reviews for Home. See reactions and reviews for Lord of the Dance. See reactions and reviews for Voyages. See reactions and reviews for To Dance with a Warrior. See reactions and reviews for The Valley of Love and Delight. See reactions and reviews for Ripple. Fan based communities were expanding and growing on the internet. People were able to share their thoughts, critiques, and works. Most importantly, I was becoming aware of a growing media of art that was personally mind altering.

The graphic was created by a British fan, Alison Fiddler. And the medium was computer manipulation. I value this piece. The artwork is a visual representation of the love shared between these two men, as well as the love the creator has for these two characters. It has fueled the imagination, creativity, and love of this reviewer.

Most importantly, this work along with the works of TACs has been the inspiration for my own venture into the area of computer manipulation. In U Wish Studios' three portraits, Kirk and Spock are locked in three different forms of an embrace one with Spock's head draped over Kirk's arm, one with them lying down with Kirk on top, and one in which they're standing together in a pool beneath a waterfall. In the "embrace" trio, the artist seems to be going for a soft, almost boyish look, particularly in Kirk's case. But even though none of these portraits is a precise fit to my usual preferences, they still took my breath away.

Several times. I think my favorite is U. I'm not sure I would survive seeing the actual paintings! It is obvious she is a Spock person, and while her vision of the character with his idealized face and body may be too AU for many, it happens to fit my fantasies to a tee! Both stories have appeared on the internet. About the art: Liz Woledge's beautiful Spock frontispiece was originally scheduled for T'hy'la 21 and listed in the Table of Contents , but is included here instead. I'm also pleased to be able to published some of Virginia Sky's photomanips, and I'm looking forward to publishing more of this type of art, as well as traditional drawings, in future issues.

See reactions and reviews for And in the Darkness Bind You. See reactions and reviews for Serpents in the Garden. See reactions and reviews for Homeward Bound. See reactions and reviews for First Touch. See reactions and reviews for One Particular Harbour. See reactions and reviews for Shadow. See reactions and reviews for A Few for This Evening. See reactions and reviews for Bonded. See reactions and reviews for Blindness.

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See reactions and reviews for These are the Moments. See reactions and reviews for A Tale from the North. See reactions and reviews for Time Out. See reactions and reviews for Kaefarr. See reactions and reviews for With Others' Hands. See reactions and reviews for The Gift. I wish I knew what this technique was called, but I like it Third picture — this is an actual drawing, and a nice one, too. Spock is kneeling and leaning back, with his eyes closed.

His weight is braced on one arm, while he holds Kirk close to his body with one hand on Kirk's head. I think only a Vulcan could hold this pose for long! Kirk has his eyes open, and his arm around Spock. I like the way the shading is used to suggest the muscles and curves of the bodies. And I like the emotions displayed on their faces, as well. I decided to include an additional two internet stories in this issue — "Catching A Wild Goose" and "In Love With My Captain" — as I wanted to have a small sampling of what is out there in cyberspace.

These latter two are short pieces, and though they have not been altered from internet publication, their inclusion here does not affect the price of this zine. See reactions and reviews for Risk. See reactions and reviews for Moonlight Through Your Hair. See reactions and reviews for Time Enough. See reactions and reviews for A Walk in the Dark. See reactions and reviews for The Queglan. See reactions and reviews for Random Factors. See reactions and reviews for The Experiment. See reactions and reviews for Vulcans Don't Sing the Blues. See reactions and reviews for Cannot Touch.

See reactions and reviews for Not Heat. See reactions and reviews for Catching a Wild Goose. See reactions and reviews for In Love with My Captain. Every story in the zine has merit, each is different and engrossing in its own right. Some are very dark, some are extremely passionate and others involve a great deal of sobbing on the part of the reader. There is something for everyone, including thoughtful poetry and awesome art.

Every aspect of the variety appeals to me. Thank you bundles, [Kathy]! See reactions and reviews for Chess Game. See reactions and reviews for The Needs of the Two. See reactions and reviews for The Road to Belonging. See reactions and reviews for Good Vibrations. See reactions and reviews for Never a Bride. See reactions and reviews for Logical Heartache. See reactions and reviews for Dare. See reactions and reviews for Remember! See reactions and reviews for I Fell in Love. See reactions and reviews for Night in the Apollo. See reactions and reviews for Watch with Lover.

See reactions and reviews for Destiny. See reactions and reviews for Addiction. See reactions and reviews for The Dark Distance. I'll look for more of Dovya Blacque's stories with anticipation.

T'hy'la (Star Trek: TOS anthology)/Issues 21-30

Touching and oddly believable. Very engrossing and different. Let's hope it accretes ever more swiftly! Short but beautiful. Very hot indeed! The Tahrkeethi are memorable aliens. Beautifully done. I really liked the way that Winona wasn't set in stone but came round to seeing things differently. All in all, it was a good ensemble piece - lots of characters interacting, all very well done with exactly the right tone. See reactions and reviews for Omega and Alpha.

See reactions and reviews for Lost in Translation. Do you prefer penguins, rabbits, or Sweet bongo of the Congo! We're back from our holiday break, and we got Phil Lamarr to sit down with us to talk about tons of things from his epic career. One of these things is not like the others Also, be on the lookout for Goblins Animated, which you can help make happen.

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We also get him to drop a few lines as Hermes, which will make you shout, "Sweet machismo Actor, musician, Disney fanatic Drake Bell is many things. And he's also our guest on this week's podcast. Listen in for some stories about Fabio, Pamela Adlon, and other noteworthy stars. Uh uh uh-uh ohhhhh As one of the first YouTube stars, Lucas experienced something few of us could even imagine MEME status at the age of With his character Fred Figglehorn, Lucas starred in 3 Fred movies, had his own Nickelodeon series, and won numerous awards.

Lucas sat down with The Night Time Show for a fun chat about his love life, his blossoming stand up career and his current presence on YouTube. The following podcast is a last man standing barbed wire steel cage deathmatch. Will he defeat the reigning champion with his tales of hardcore wrestling in ECW, his first gimmicks, and kissing the feet of Ted DiBiase? Or will Stephen Glickman submit him with his questions about merchandising?

I'm ready to see a Van Terminator We talk with Oren Peli, creator of one of the most successful movie franchises of all time, Paranormal Activity. Find out how it came to be, why Steven Spielberg is a scaredy cat, and But first, listen to Body positivity is the antithesis of everything Matt Walker stands for, but somehow Daniel Franzese helped The Night Time Show team feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Daniel talked about his experiences with agents, casting directors, and studio executives, and how he learned to love himself and accept who he is. You CAN sit with us He is fragile. Born in the Highlands of Canada 38 years ago. He is not alone. For over a year he has brought you the greatest podcast guests on planet Earth. He is Stephen Kramer Glickman, the Podcaster. Adrian tells us all about his time on the show, gives tips on swordfighting, and talks about his initiative to help the recovery efforts for the recent hurricanes. Sometimes we realize how lucky we are to do this show.

We got to visit the house of Ed Asner, legendary actor and winner of more acting Emmy Awards than anyone in history, and spent an hour with the man himself. We learned all about how he got into show business, what the transition was like going from being a co-star on a comedy to the lead on a drama, and how he's become the greatest Santa Claus in modern film history. Don't miss it, or you'll end up on the naughty list. We headed out to the hills of Los Angeles to the home of Ethan Suplee, where we discussed his life and career. Find out about his run in with Jim Caviezel on an airplane, why he's never watched anything he's been in, how to avoid taking part in an orgy in a Martin Scorsese film, and what was up with that 3D sailboat in Mallrats.

You'll also learn all about how he lost weight and why throwing a writer against a wall landed him one of the biggest roles of his career. What a podcast! Ha ha! You dumb bastard. It's the one year anniversary of Storks, Stephen's big screen debut! One of these things is not like the other ones, but we won't let that stop us from celebrating the anniversary of this movie with some rare Storks gifts, and learning about how an animated feature gets made.

How you like me now? I love the Drake. How could you not like the Drake? Who's the Drake? Want to hear about what it was like to sell motion capture technology? What it was like to be on wires while doing a scene on blue screen?

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What happened when he worked with legendary comedians like his good friend Robin Williams? Of course you do. So stay tuned for Modern Family is one of the biggest comedy TV shows in history, and has won more Emmys than we can count. But you know who can count that high? Nolan Gould, who has grown up on the show playing Lucas, who is actually a certified genius. He'll be on Modern Family for at least the next two years, but what will be next for young Nolan!?! After travelling through multiple realities and exploring interdimensional space, only Stephen Kramer Glickman knows the answer.

Find out on this episode of The Night Time Show! Today we sat down with this lovely young lady to discuss her favorite BTR moments, from the audition process to the final day on set. Ciara answers all of your fan questions and gets real about her passion for acting, art, and everything in between. It's time for The Night Time Show! Absolute comedy royalty joins us this week when we get to speak to one of the Outlaws of Comedy, Allan Stephan.

Find out his thoughts on Snoop Dogg appearing on the show, how he wrote his first ever fart joke, and what he thought of the cast. You can also get mad at Matt for all the terrible things he has to say Uh-uh, uh-uh-uh. When Tom Sizemore agrees to meet up with you to record a podcast at a Chinese restaurant, you know things are going to get a little crazy. So when he came to Ghengis Cohen with Valerio Esposito, we were prepared for anything Someday we might look back on this and decide that this podcast was the one decent thing we were able to pull out of this whole godawful, shitty mess.

Chelsea Kane stops by the great Genghis Cohen for some potstickers and a great chat about what it's like to be a teen star on Jonas, then follow that up with a starring role on Baby Daddy. You'll also find out why Robbie had an eventful day, and what Glickman did that was so stupid, it gave Robbie a bloody nose. This is for all you new listeners.

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We have only one rule. Everybody listens, no one quits. We're back at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Genghis Cohen, where Ed Neumeier stopped by to discuss Robocop and Starship Troopers, and eat potstickers. Find out how he had the idea for Robocop, how it almost became a humorless film, why Showgirls tanking led to Starship Troopers happening, and all about Kurtwood Smith's bloody ad lib.

Learn the magic and mystery behind the hologram that put Coachella on the map. We sat down with these two wonderful guests at the Scum and Villainy Cantina in Hollywood to talk about their careers. Trish Hershberger, who is best known for her work on Sourcefed and YouTube , talked with us about her newborn baby and when she should introduce him to Star Wars. She shared stories with us about what's it like to be the first female Stormtrooper and so much more.

You'll even get to hear the new Night Time Show theme song from Ironaut! These are the guests you're looking for It helps that the st is around to kick things up a notch and make you feel like you just walked on to the set of A New Hope. Shawn Crosby, a member of the st, drove up in his A-wing style car complete with R2D2 on board and discussed with us how the st got started.

Joined by her best friend and fellow actress Kirby Bliss Blanton, the two got very candid about working in Hollywood. You'll also find out how Stephen almost died in the desert this week, and the time Matt died on stage at an Indian gaming convention. What's that? Why yes, we did also get Britt to dish on what it was like playing Kirk Cameron's daughter on the Growing Pains reunion.

Show me that smile again as you listen to this episode of Stephen's old castmate, Logan Henderson, stops by at Genghis Cohen, the greatest Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles, to share some Big Time Memories and discuss his upcoming music project.

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  4. Find out the full story on how he got to be on the show, his first impressions on his co-stars, what it was like to be on the road in a boy band, and what Glickman did with Halston Sage and Tanya Chisholm on a boat in Vancouver. Be enthralled at Logan's answers and be annoyed at Matt's questions! Roll your windows down so everyone worldwide can hear you listening to Why do they love toys so much?

    Is it their emotional problems that make them cling to childhood by their bloody fingernails as it's slowly being torn away? Possibly, or maybe it's just a clawing need to purchase all the 6" Star Wars Black series before the world can stop them. Either way, they love toys, and we all love Jordan for telling us what they're worth. Climb in your replica of the Millennium Falcon and fly it to Tatooine to join us on To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars: A New Hope, we taped a series of special Star Wars themed episodes at the Scum and Villainy Cantina in Hollywood, a sci-fi themed bar based on the famed cantina on Tatooine.

    This time we learn about how Jar Jar actually wore platform Chuck Taylors, we get a visit from sexy Jar Jar, and we learn more about Michael Jackson mad dogging him for playing the part he wanted. Jeremy tells us all about how he went from struggling actor with a web series to the star of his own Netflix series, Small Shots.