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So grateful the Universe provided this powerful experience for me and others. Joe, this gift you are sharing in a scientific way makes it readily accessible to anyone with the desire to evolve. Hi Dr Joe and Team Another cracking blog, thank you. Increasing vitamin C before, during and after would also help support endocrine system from almost bottom right up to the top.

Thank you for this concise information. On an alternate note, since I have returned from Santa Fe, two people told me my voice is different, and one told me I was much calmer…I am so grateful for the workshop, all the participants, Dr. Joe, the meditations, and yes, the challenge. Thank you for all that you do. I could not go to work. My best friends were my bed and my couch. I had protein in my urine. The doctor could,t say what was wrong. Somehow I knew. That week on the couch so much got rearranged.

I manifested a perfect partner, I manifested my Iyengar yoga certification and my life. I love this work. Hello Dr. Joe, I was in Santa Fe and live here and it was my first ever workshop with you. I did the Progressive and Intensives the week prior to attending, so it was a quick and deep dive in. The morning that the workshop started I had to go in for a call back on suspicious mammograms, requiring second mammograms and ultrasounds. I felt elevated following the Advanced Workshop, continued the meditations, and had two breast biopsies on Feb 14th three days after the workshop.

Evening Ritual to Close Your Day / Sleep Meditation / Mindful Movement

They both came back negative, for which I am deeply grateful. I never really thought that I had breast cancer but the process was stressful. Meanwhile, I began to experience psychological shifts and over the following week I encountered some rather intense experiences with people in my work world which highlighted my own core patterns that needed healing. I kept meditating, and retreated as much as possible from the world. I think these were old coping mechanisms rearing their weary heads. Also, I think that I needed to eat more protein to support my body changes.

Then I was fine again. I realized that, on my own, I never laid down after doing the mediations and feel that this is an important piece. Like in the Advanced Workshop, we must lay down to allow our nervous systems to integrate and adjust to the higher frequencies following meditations. I feel fine now, following some supportive bodywork to help balance and move energy. The healing and shedding processes continue and, for me, do seem to be supported through good sleep, balanced food, lots of water, epsom salt baths and staying in community with others who are doing the work.

Joe and all of your team for these extraordinary gifts. Much Love, Dr. Jill P. I am practicing and trying to be a good student of Dr. Joe Dispenza and of course I consider this as a sign that we are on the right track. And your reply serves as an affirmation for my experiences. Thank you, Lots of love from New Mexico, Jill. So, yes the body and being are reshuffling as I go along with new paradigm of energy shifting.

Thank you so much for this explanation dr.

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I long to participate in the week retreat in England in July! Love, Caroline. I experienced it when great up-leveling occurred in my understanding. This explanation came in the perfect timing — as always. I am currently on day 10 of feeling ill although slowly coming off of it.

Day 5 into working solely on my energy centers, I became ill with what seemed like a virulent viral infection. Symptoms ranging from fever, malaise, shivers, night sweats, muscles and joints ache, gastrointestinal symptoms, upper and lower respiratory problems, headache, sore throat, nausea, persistent coughing that rendered me incapacitated for a full week. My first initial differential diagnosis on myself was illness due to a suppressed immune system from my stressful job and was tempted to investigate further by doing a serology test on myself but a gnawing feeling inside me thought that this could be a Herxheimer reaction from the beautiful divine connection I made by opening my energy centers.

I did not treat myself with any medications, pharmaceutical wise, but taking lots of Vitamin C and amino acids to boost my immunity, persisted through with the discomfort and simply allowed it to run its course. Thank you very much Dr. Joe, I am enjoying my journey through your work. I am also ready and really looking forward to seeing you in NZ and Australia in October! I left Santa Fe with a bad cough and experienced difficulty with breathing that continued for three weeks.

My concern is that expecting to be sick after a week-long seminar could become a new belief. I too was very sick after Tarragona with the worst flu I have had in years. I knew what it was because I have experience similar healing responses before. This is such welcome info and makes total sense to me now.

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I have not experienced even a cold in 12 years- always healthy! I still went skiing with friends, but had to go to bed at pm and needed so much sleep. A general malaise set in for another week. Now I get it! I am thrilled by this upgrade and will welcome these feelings as what they truly are. Given how intense it was and without break I think we both expected to feel a bit tired immediately afterwards, but were taken by surprise by being effectively poleaxed!

I was up after a week but my partner needed at least 2 and maybe nearer 3 weeks to get back to normal.

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  6. I am so grateful to understand why. Dr Joe, I am Cecile Locke. I and my husband Bob are holistic physicians in Indiana since We have been doing spiritual practice since and have deepened our meditation practice with you for two years. Santa Fe was incredibly wonderful. The creation of smaller groups, and activities that required us to support one another allowed interaction that was deeply heart opening.

    We made new family there. The healings were phenomenal. I was in my room vomiting the last day and then over a week had chest congestion and my husband did also. We knew it was a blessing and allowed the process without complaint. We feel that we moved our future potential to a much higher one.

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    We had a car accident last Friday in which our trailer was violently ripped off our truck by a young man who was driving erratically under the influence of drugs. No one was hurt. After my next meditation, I was shown that in our old lifepath two people should have died, but it changed to only mild damage to our truck and a chance to maybe bless this young man by offering a wake up call.

    My husband was shown the same thing independently. Thanks for providing these life changing oppourtunities. I cannot tell you what a relief is to read this blog! I have not been to an advanced workshop, but after reading books, doing meditations for 3 months and doing progressive workshop online my system crashed. For over 3 weeks I felt no energy, nausea, rashes, coldness, brain fog. I am on a healing path so that episode got me very concerned, it almost felt that my health is getting worse instead of better.

    My thinking kicked in questioning if my thyroid is mulfunctioning, or disease progresses. I kept meditating every day and changing my state, and now, a month later all Is well. I do feel not the same as before though — it feels like speed gears in me shifted on a lower one. Everything feels more grounded. So thank you Dr Joe for this explanation, it makes perfect sense and brings joy into my heart.

    I experienced this after Mexico City, and again in Cancun and yet again in Carefree. Glad to finally have an explanation. I love this clear explanation of raising our frequency and releasing all emotional attachments. Restoring the right energy flow to our cells. Thank You. Goodness we appreciate you and your team more than words can say.

    Fall 12222 Challenge

    This blesses us all. What a cool connection. Also, Thank You for your teleclasses!! Good to know!

    A proven 40-day system to ditch the self beat-up & self-doubt and amp up self-love

    I had no idea what hit me after the Tarragona retreat. I was in bed for a week! I was confused as it seemed like such a contradiction to what I had anticipated. Thank you Dr Joe. I love your teachings, your ability to make the complex simple, and your vision that invites us all to shift our context to interpret what we are observing differently. Much love to you. Taking a powerful stand within ourselves congruent with what you are staying in this blog can leverage us beyond reasonableness to complement whatever therapy we choose to use to feel better.

    I have a question- in other modalities like Chinese Medicine and medical QiGong — they teach that after opening the energy centers particularly the head and heart it is very important to end with a clearing in which you bring the energy out of the head — out of the heart — and into the place of storage being the lower dan-tien physical center.

    6 Weeks, 7 Habits, 1 Better You

    I have no firm belief systems in this area, but am wanting to gather opinions. Do you have any feedback on this? Maybe that is why kids get sick so often. They are more sensitive and efficient in getting rid of dis-ease. Thanks Dr. I have had many such adjustments in my life and since your work has had the biggest impact of anything I have done so far and my body is like a weathervane I am not at all surprised.

    Thank you for clarifying the science behind it. I have had so much pain disappear from that time on that I am sure it continues just not with the solid impact that you and the shift of people caused. Thank you for the gift of this amazing experience. I know I dumped some big stuff — and have grown more from doing this work than anything I have ever done in the past … I am a Reiki Master, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified in Myofascial Release techniques by John Barnes … and work with energy daily. I am a breast cancer survivor — chemo I feel blessed to have had such a dramatic proof of shift… Had I come home without feeling any physical difference, I would still have known it was a great experience, but the flu like symptoms gave me proof that I really shifted.

    It was Perfect …… Thank You so very much for the experience of a lifetime. Thank you for this, Dr Joe. Your explanation has given me the explanation behind what was happening there, too — a double win. Have you heard of this, before, and is there anything I can do to other than the work to raise my vibration more effectively? Maybe I am just being impatient and should let the transition happen at this current pace.

    Thank you for all your work!!! I totally resonated with your explanation, and the only way I can look at it is What a blessing! What if it actually was the flu. I have not been to this workshop and have the same symptoms.

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    When I went to urgent care they said there is not way to conclusively diagnose th flu. I have had this happen many times. The diagnosis for the flu is made by default when the strep test comes back negative. In reading all the comments many many people went home and got terribly sick and had no clue that by your estimation this could happen due to their evolution. How could they leave th workshop not knowing this if you are so certain that is what was happening. Something smells so fishy and i find it disturbing. Zora, I understand your feelings about Dr.

    I had the same reaction to it. Certainly a portion of those who were sick were sick because there is a serious virus going around, and it affects people whether they were in a workshop or not. I told myself it would pass…. I have had Herxheimers reactions before and this feels just like that.

    So, I think his blog is right on the money and no one was catching anything there in Santa Fe. A few friends are already noticing some changes in me. Last year I healed myself of Stage 4 cancer at an alternative clinic in Mexico. I was a couple of months away from dying, they told me afterwards. In addition to many other treatments, including hands-on healing by my wife, part of the process was to use a whole foods diet, including a huge number of fresh juices each day.

    And, of course there was a lot of meditation, limiting belief clearing, journalling, etc. It was cancer that introduced me to Dr. Joe and helped me to create the new me. Of course, taking antibiotics or going to the emergency room indicates a belief in the Newtonian cause and effect model of medicine rather than in the quantum model. But there is a way to facilitate the release of toxins and wastes from the cells after these workshops that may be cause and effect based, but is much healthier and more effective.

    The foods will strengthen the immune system and the enemas will stimulate the faster release of the toxins and wastes from the pancreas and liver. I will NOT expect any illness or create it but listen to my bodies needs and simply be aware and not let it turn into fight or flight reaction. So, now I am going to shift my thinking that my weakness, low energy, cough whatever is my body as a detriment or becoming sick and instead embrace it as my body and soul asking for me to slow it down, rest, receive and practice gratitude for my ability to grow and BE-come the spiritual avatar I was meant to be in this life.

    As a teacher of love and leader need to realize that if I do not process my elevation with rest and love how can I represent and be a channel for others… I am now going to lie down once again and meditate and communicate to my body as it remains below calibrating and connect to all that is to complete this upgrade.

    I'm making meditation super easy for you. See a Problem?? Demystifying the Meditation Process — Dr. Identify the 20 most influential people in your existing network. Is Time Travel Possible?. Chris Winfield. Archives : zen habits. Maybe you have business or a service or a contribution you're ready to birth into the world. Or maybe you're ready to let go of old patterns and live each day with more joy and peace. This ideal vision of your life is taking a beating from real life. You're tired and overwhelmed by the demands of daily life that just keep coming.

    You're not sure how to move forward while still providing food and shelter for yourself and those who rely on you. Despite your best intentions you're stuck on this hamster wheel of how things have always been. Because it feels like dying inside. It doesn't have to be this way.

    I know, because I've been there. The primary purpose of yoga and meditation is to help you connect to your soul and to unlock the intuition and deep satisfaction that comes from being deeply connected to your own inner being. When this connection is strong your have a inner radar for what connections, opportunities and relationships will further your healing. At least once a month, class will feature an enhanced relaxation period with the healing power of a symphonic gong played live. The immersive sound waves of the gong wash away stress and tension from every cell of the body, that's why they call it a gong bath!

    New to yoga? Don't worry the yoga Yoga Journey is a welcoming and supportive place for enthusiastic beginners. A Kriya is a prescribed set of yoga exercises for a specific purpose: i. You'll learn how to use the wisdom of Kriya to support your own personal healing. The Yoga Journey is more than your typical yoga class:. You'll get individual tips on how to modify exercises to accommodate where your body is that week. So you'll journey with a cadre of like minded folks all Spring. You'll have the safety--and accountability--of seeing the same faces every week.

    A forty day meditation is when you do the same meditation every day for forty days. If you haven't already started a daily practice, this is a chance to experience how the benefits of daily meditation can unfold in your life. Forty day meditations are the cornerstone of my daily practice. I'm basically always in the middle of one!

    You'll get introduced to the basics and have plenty of time for questions. The Nuts and Bolts:. You can pay in full or in two parts. If this is a hardship for you, talk to me about an individual payment plan. You can pay online here. Early Bird offer:. If you apply and pay your down payment by Aug. Seva Service Opportunity: If you have more time than money right now, I am open to having one Seva student. With this five-minute meditation, you focus on each of your five senses and use these as triggers for gratitude. It may be something as simple as hearing sounds around you or enjoying the hug of a loved one.

    Sometimes we just need a little nudge to remind us we really do have plenty to be thankful for. Sharon Salzberg is exactly the kind of person you want hosting your new favorite meditation podcast. Metta Hour is less about guided practice and more about teachings, talks, and interviews with key figures in the fields of mindfulness, meditation, and positive psychology. In her podcast, which includes both talks and guided meditations, Tara delves deeply into the various aspects of meditation.

    This is one of the best meditation podcasts on Spotify, in our opinion. Try this episode: Basic Elements of a Mindfulness Meditation Sitting Sometimes starting meditation can be a bit daunting, especially with all those instructions on awareness and breathing and whatnot. To maximize your mindful moments, build meditation into a daily habit.

    Your turn: Do you have a favorite meditation podcast? Tell us more in the comments. Tania Braukamper is an Australian-born writer and photographer. She believes in curiosity, kindness, and adventure as a state of mind. Meditation Courses You can offer free meditation courses, but you can also charge for them! You can build up a growing curriculum of short talks on topics relevant for deepening the practice of your users. Push Notifications. You can re-engage customers. Let your user define, when to call out for their meditation sessions.

    Payment Processing. We all have to pay our bills. The key is not to deny that, but to integrate that in our life. Charge how much you want. You can define it. Give Mom the gift of a meditation podcast and you will be giving her the ultimate gift of […]. You can find meditation podcasts that will help you to understand yourself better than ever […].

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