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F Pendleton of Wiscasset, Maine in , he had the ultimate ambition in mind:. The designer, John Alden, had made his name as a builder of elite racing schooners that retained all their beauty and style while constantly winning the premier ocean races of the time. When and If was a new idea: a yacht which would maintain all her classic beauty and hold her own in recreational racing whilst being sturdy, comfortable, safe and luxurious enough to take a family on the voyage of a lifetime.

Long after the General's untimely death in , When and If sails on. Although the damage was extensive, the structural integrity of the ship was unaffected. Browse IED.

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When in conditional statements can ‘if’ and ‘when’ be used inter-changeably?

English American Translations. Get our free widgets. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Understanding and Using English Grammar. Huddleston, Rodney and Geoffrey K. Cambridge UP, Swan, Michael. Practice Energy Conservation.

'If' Versus 'Whether' | Grammar Girl

In the past, if my car — needs needed washing, — I washed it. I wash it. Feedback 1. Now , If my car — needs needed washing, — I try not to notice it.

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I would I try not to notice it. Feedback 2. I pay twenty-five dollars. Feedback 3.

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  2. 3. if ↔ when;
  3. When can you not use ‘when’ in place of ‘if’?.
  4. I pay five-times more! Feedback 4. I drove alone. Feedback 5.

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    I carpooled with others. Feedback 6. I used a paper towel.