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I have named it buttercup winter. I heard of the 5 winters all my life. My grandparents swore by them.

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As a child I always thought it was an old wives tale. My mother always kept me in tune with which winter it was. She has been gone for 11 years and I still can not get them straight.. Just lucked up on your site as I was googling what winter we were in right before Easter.


Thank you.! Did not know they were Tennessee sayings, heard most of them all my life of 73 yrs in Southwest VA. Too close to call? Have lived here for 64 years…all my life. My mom and dad always told us of the small winters that were to come.

There are seven total. They usually start in or around the end of February first of March. First we have Cotton Wood winter, the Cotton Wood trees bud. I have also noticed that it matters not if Easter is in March or April the Dogwood trees always seem to bloom right around Easter.

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I think it has to do with the Jewish calendar and Passover. Folks, I got news for all of you. Kentucky has these same winters!!! How cool is that? A elderly man of the ripe old age of told me it was called that because back in his young days men wore britches made of linen and after that cold snap you could get ur linen britches out and start wearing them.

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My grandmother called it cotton britches winter. I have heard my parents and grandparents talk of these winters, and now I teach my children and grandson. They are unfailing, because with the blooming of those trees and shrubs comes a reminder of the winter you just made it through.

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