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Perrone, LA, Belser, J. Inducible nitric oxide contributes to viral pathogenesis following highly pathogenic influenza virus infection in mice. J Infect Dis. Department of Global Health. Menu About Us. Home Faculty and Staff Lucy Perrone. Read on for inspiration What was your own route into triathlon? I started out as a swimmer — even as an eight-year-old, I was super-competitive!

I wanted to do the hardest event there was, which at the time I decided was the m butterfly. Then I worked my way up in the sport, eventually competing for Great Britain, aged I got pretty close to competing at the Olympic Games in open water swimming, but after missing out I decided to find a new, bigger challenge.

Lucy was competitive in the water from a young age. How would you recommend others get started? Jumping straight in and doing an IRONMAN was a very steep learning curve for me, and although it did pay off, it was very difficult at times. Again, this is a daily routine for Lucy but instead of training in one go, Lucy will break in-between her exercises to refuel and rest a little. Just like we did by swimming, resting, re-fuelling with breakfast and then heading onto the next exercise, and so on….

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I have no expertise in cycling — nor do I cycle for fun. So to say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement. What worried me the most?

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The road bike! Once we grabbed our bikes, buckled our helmets up and took a cheesy group photo, we were ready for our arranged 45k bike ride. Well, as ready as I could be! To start, we split into two groups. Once we felt confident on our bikes, we took off on our route and left the gates of Club La Santa. At all.

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The hills were steep, my neck was hurting from the positioning of the bike, the sun was coming out to say hello and holy moly , my lady parts were already hurting from the saddle. However, after we beasted the hill coming out of Club La Santa, I finally started to enjoy the ride as did my quads. The scenery was absolutely beautiful with the Lanzarote hills surrounding us. In fact, we were pretty lucky with the weather as it was meant to rain for the entire day. After about an hour on the bike, we hit the end of our route and stopped for a quick 10 minute refuel.

After a shake of the legs and a gaze at the scenery, we hopped back on our bikes ready for the ride back to Club La Santa. Thanks for that, Red Bull. We returned to Club La Santa just after 1 pm. But I listened to my head and ordered a healthy meal of chicken, salad and potatoes — making sure I get my carbs and protein in for the ultimate recovery.

I also ordered a beetroot and ginger detox juice beetroot is great for muscle recovery which actually, turned out to be a big mistake. Probably not the best thing to have just before a late afternoon run. After lunch we settled down for a nutrition chat with Lucy where we could find out more about her lifestyle, training schedule and nutrition.

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I was personally interested to see how she fuels her body for triathlete training. To get things started, Lucy started off by explaining what her nutrition looked like at the beginning of her training. I was half surprised to hear that at the beginning of her training, Lucy was massively undereating. After our chat with Lucy, it was time to return to triathlete life and squeeze in our last exercise for the day. By now, my legs were getting tired and my energy levels were dipping. Once again, Bella and Lucy joined us for a gentle run around Club La Santa, however, due to my — still full stomach — I only lasted one lap before pulling out with a pretty bad stomach ache and cramp.

Once the rest of the team returned — after probably the most relaxing session of the day — we headed back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. Dinner was nice. Tiring, but nice. We discussed all things from the contraceptive pill to her engagement.

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It was a lovely way to end a great trip. After dinner and a lot of sleepy eyes, we headed back to Club La Santa for our final night before checking out in the morning. To no surprise, I slept like a log that night. Whilst I always understood the basics of caffeine , this entire trip really did open up my eyes to the increased benefits of using it to fuel training — whether that be triathlete training or not. Oh wow how interesting is it to see what the day in the life of a triathlete is! It is amazing all the different parts of her day and how she keeps everything going as a routine.

Whew, reading this made me tired. Waking up at ?

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I wake at and I want to die. I am NOT a morning person. I need to fill my day with such exciting stuff but just reduce a bit since I am no athlete. Wow, what an intense yet fulfilling day to spend with someone you respect and admire so much!

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When I look at search drool worthy photographs I just instantly feel hungry. The text also goes very well with the photographs. The photos are an amazing recap to the blog.

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  8. Also that was a great goodie giftpack for this as well! I do not know if I could, I think it takes a passion that goes beyond everything. What an invaluable experience! I can see how this would be an ultimate learning AND fangirl experience. Oh my gosh, what an awesome opportunity! I am not a runner, so I am always impressed with those who do so much and the training that goes into it.

    This is truly inspiring to see her dedication. This is such an intense amount of training and so amazing how they can fit it all in. Thanks for giving us a sneak peak of what a training day is like for you. Congratulations on getting to work with Red Bull! What an experience! I enjoyed reading this. Her life sounds very tiring.

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    Just reading this and the part of you biking, made me so tired. Great read!! Sounds like it would have been such a great time.