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Why It’s Important for Women to Have a Daily Personal Bible Study (and Not Just Read a Devotional)

Some Bibles have summaries at the beginning of each book that will provide some of this information. A Bible dictionary or online commentaries can also be helpful.

  1. 7 Step-by-Step Bible Study Methods.
  2. 2) Personal Paraphrase.
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  5. Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer.
  6. Noise Words.

Starting with the first chapter, write out each verse or section of verses in your own words. This will help you understand each verse in wording that makes more sense to you.

9 Tips on How to Effectively Study the Bible - Bible Connection

Personal Paraphrase: Paul, a proclaimer of Jesus Christ, obeying the instructions of God who is the One who saves us, and of Jesus Christ who is our hope…. Write down some questions you have about the passage, or unfamiliar or confusing terms that you come across.

Example: Q. What does it mean to be one? Consult a concordance, other study guides, or footnotes to collect related passages you may not have thought of. If an observation occurs to you that relates to any part of the passage or its background, be sure to write it down. Example: Paul was commanded by God to be an apostle. After completing your own analysis, consult a Bible commentary for additional insight. I can only be effective in my mission if I am aware of my status as a divinely appointed witness.

After completing this verse-by-verse analysis of the chapter, assign it a title and identify a key verse or verses. This will help solidify the message of the chapter in your mind. Write a summary paragraph outlining the thesis of the chapter. Repeat the process for subsequent chapters. When the book is completed, give it a collective title.

1. Choose a Topic or Passage

Sadly, mediocrity is a hallmark of our age. Consider breaking that pattern and setting some high goals for your spiritual growth.

There is nothing greater.