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The word used, in both Testaments, relates more to testing a person's moral character than his bodily desires. Our culture reads into the word an excess of lust, greed, and ambition that are derivatives, not the essence, of character. That's why Jesus could have "been tempted in every way, just as we are" Hebrews All the temptations we face can be summarized in the three Jesus confronted and overcame: to put our earthly before our spiritual needs; to misinterpret Scripture for personal purposes; and to compromise scriptural truth for an apparent gain.

The temptations of Jesus also prove that Satan had no choice but to attempt Christ's subversion. The Devil knew Jesus was the original, and he the created being. The fact that Satan tempted Jesus, not vice versa, proves who was in charge and who wanted to be. Jesus held in trust from God all the spiritual truth the Devil wanted and intended to take by deceit or force, but no question existed but that Jesus, not Satan, possessed it.

Each came as the representative of his cause: Satan the enemy and Jesus the champion of humanity. Satan intended to keep humanity chained to its ego by binding Jesus to his. Jesus intended to destroy the Devil's power over human ego by submitting His to God's will, however much it cost or however long it took. The personal, face-to-face confrontation was essential since Jesus determined to put Satan on the way to ultimate destruction.

Allowing him to go personally unbeaten, while working to ameliorate the disasters he caused, would let Satan create greater evil than an exhausted virtue could ever solve. To ultimately destroy the Devil's work, Jesus first defeated him-which means Jesus offered Satan no sympathy whatever, and made no effort whatever to convert him.

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The temptation of Jesus proved that God gave Satan every possible advantage in the conflict. First, the environment of lonely desolation, where Jesus had to personally resolve a single question: would He fulfill His role as God's Son according to God's will? This has to be a joke. This honestly really has to be a joke.

How is this happening? It also left them both in better places: Evan moved to D. Many of the couples struggled with the scripts society demanded they follow. I want respect.

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