The Way Back to Paradise: Restoring the Balance between Magic and Reason

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A synthesis of reason and magic suggests that a major objective of The Way Back to Paradise is to collapse binary oppositions: reason and magic can coexist; we do not have to choose one or the other. Falling into the same false dichotomy is its biggest weakness. Although Felser affirms the complementary roles of science and mysticism, he denies the compatibility of religion and inner experience. So it appears to me that Felser explodes the Western notion of binary opposition in one breath only to affirm it in the next.

In most ways, however, The Way Back to Paradise rings true and is a helpful example and blueprint for persons who wish to activate their innate psychic potential. It is a genuine relief to read a book that quotes Western philosophy and literature to bolster an argument about expanded awareness. He deserves special commendation for allowing his students to be his teachers— many of his insights arose from anecdotes that his students had shared with him. She particularly wants to know about her own origin, partly by looking at her own, beautiful, self-reflection, and indeed — Eve desires beauty too.

In plain then, what forbids he but to know, Forbids us good, forbids us to be wise? Such prohibitions binde not. But if Death Bind us with after-bands, what profits then Our inward freedom? And render me more equal, and perhaps, A thing not undesireable, somtime Superior: for inferior who is free? But Eve soon realizes also the burden of freedom: fear of death, the lurking loneliness, and jealousy. What if God punishes her as he had promised to do —.

And Death ensue? Confirm'd then I resolve, Adam shall share with me in bliss or woe: So dear I love him, that with him all deaths I could endure, without him live no life. Eve, now knowing right from wrong, is finally free — she can choose, reason, act, and take responsibility — to do good, and commit sin. And freely she makes her first true choice: to take down?

Adam with her — for love till death do them part. How can I live without thee, how forgoe Thy sweet Converse and Love so dearly joyn'd, To live again in these wilde Woods forlorn? Still, their love, though fed by fear, is stronger than death. Both resolve to defy it, both rather die or live in pain — than be separated.

Dreading death, Eve and Adam soon turn to sex, grander and greedier than ever. Is love lost to lust — pure amour spoiled by carnal knowledge, instigated by diabolic seduction? Milton, I believe, never saw joyful sex as bad, even when given a nice boost by a forbidden fruit. But God had different plans. If revenge is best served cold, and in portions, God is a master chef of vindictive cuisine. An immediate death, his original pledge, might be too swift for the sinful lovers, who are thus banished from the garden, punished by pain for seeking, and gaining, freedom — till death truly do them part.

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And still, love lingers. Eve speaks for both, in the name of love:. In mee is no delay; with thee to goe Is to stay here; without thee here to stay, Is to goe hence unwilling; thou to mee Are all things under Heav'n, all places thou. Paradise lost for love. And jealousy. Satan was jealous of the mighty God, and of his new-beloved Adam.

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Eve II. But the covetous cycle is yet incomplete, one more culprit to fit. Who could have become so lonely in its aftermath to so rage and take revenge? God told Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but had Adam paid more attention, he would have noticed that behind this hollow hallowed threat, God, in whose image he was created, lay before him His real drives, hidden in plain sight — and sound.

What thinkst thou then of mee, and this my State, Seem I to thee sufficiently possest Of happiness, or not? How could he not understand, God must have asked himself, how could Adam not see how much I need him to be with Me? Well, men, go figure… I bet Eve could have explained all that to God, had He bothered talking to the more emotionally intelligent half of the human couple. Alright then, leave!

Perhaps instead of suggesting suicide, as Eve did upon realizing how angry God was, she should have proposed polyamory. But then I guess envying Eve II precluded that. And so it was, the deed done, plenty of pain for everyone. What is their original sin? In Christian art, the forbidden fruit is an apple. I should know, having a lethal allergy to the real forbidden fruit — peach. When the real Oliver arrives, he sensually awakens Elio, lifts the peach, and playfully plans to take a bite.

Few scenes capture the penetrating passion and torment of love as boldly and beautifully as that moment — when Elio tearfully collapses into the arms of Oliver, who then finally restores the peach to where it belongs. But that peachy peak of their bond also spells its ruin — and the loss of paradise. Holding the two halves of the reddened core in either hand, he begins to rub himself with them. The emotion and intensity of their intimacy finally overwhelming him. But why are they? Eve and Adam risked everything. Elio and Oliver risked nothing. Elio at least indicated something to his quasi-girlfriend.

A different desire, with a better ending, might have required braver human agents, and perhaps some angels from heavens. Why am I me? Why I'm here and why not there? While Eve and Adam wanted to remain in the Garden, but were exiled by God for their love, Elio and Oliver exit Eden of their own volition. No need for divine intervention or force majeure; they did it to themselves.

But why? Why, after having so wonderfully created their own fate, would Elio and Oliver now so readily surrender to fatalism? Why would they allow a delusional promise for some peace of mind trump pure peach moments of their own making? Why not try a little harder? The answer, I think, lies in the precarious balance between hope and pain, and as is often the case, fear tips the scale.

Eve and Adam feared loneliness. And somehow, they did. Elio and Oliver did not fear loneliness as much as they feared love itself. It takes at least two to tango trust — and hope. I'll note when each becomes available in their section. I think what might have worked was that I traveled further away from Eden than the Northern Plains, either off to the Western Highlands or to the Northern Mountains, and you might have to actually visit Highland Village as well.

After travelling to those areas, go back to the Eden checkpoint, and drive south along the road. You'll see a text balloon pop up saying "I can't go on" when you get a little ways south of the checkpoint. There's a child laying in the wasteland near the road.

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Approach him and he'll mention he's looking for his dad, last seen near Highland Village. Head out there and you'll meet the father, as well as beat up the thugs who have him captured. Return to Eden and you'll get the reunion and the Blue Charm. Available from the start of the chapter, go to the east side of the city, east of the Garage, specifically, in the back alley of the Junk District. You'll spot a Shoulder Pad Craftsman getting turned down by potential customers. Apparently there's a Shoulder Killer on the loose, killing anyone who wears shoulder pads!

I've already said "shoulder" more than I expected to in this guide!

Speak to the craftsman and accept his offer to track down the Shoulder Killer. When that doesn't work, accept Plan B, which will eventually work. Defeat the Shoulder Killer and you'll get Nah, I'm kidding. You get the Craftsman's Plates EX. Available from the start of the chapter, go to the south plaza, at the north end to a crouching child.

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The child will lament not having a father. Ken will agree to play hide and seek with him. I'll cut the tension and let you know he's hiding on top of the gates. Speak to the guard who stands in front of the stairs leading up east of the main gate and step out onto the wall.

The Spoils of Paradise - Why was paradise lost?

Turn around and look up above the stairs to spot him up high. Tap R3 to enter first-person mode, look directly at him, then press X to olly his oxenfree. He'll give you a Canned Food for playing with him. Available from the start of the chapter, once you complete the previous substory. Go back to where Minato is hanging out in the plaza and speak to him to get the second hide and seek challenge.

Minato is hiding in the southern part of the Chimney District. Go west from Ken's hideout and into the little nook further west. Look up and you'll see him crouched on top of the tall tank. You'll get a Two Star Incense for the win. Go back to Minato's spot to find his mother there. He's apparently missing after an argument the two had. Minato's hiding in the back alley on Respite Street, but this time some thugs have found him. Beat them solid, and you'll get a Bazaar Bell as a reward. Shortly after your daytime conversation with Xsana as part of the story, Ken bumps into a nurse named Mao, who introduces him to the Clinic minigame.

You'll practice your first run on both patients and thugs. Check out the minigame section for more info. Once the story goes to morning, you'll automatically go through this Substory, as you get introduced to the Merchant Ken minigame. Once you complete Lin's first emergency request through Merchant Ken , you'll begin this substory, and pretty much end it.

There's really nothing for Ken to do but stand around and take it. Once you complete the previous substory, head back to the store and you'll find Lin has cleaned up just a little. This substory will only proceed as you continue to participate in Merchant Ken. After getting to Level 2, go back to her and she's, uh, gussied up a bit. Get to Level 3 and While Ken is too nice to give it to Lin straight, Bat comes up and has no problem letting her know how ridiculous she looks.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – FAQ/Walkthrough

Lin runs off. Head to the marked spot southwest of the Colosseum and you'll beat down a couple of jerks. Lin will give you the Girl's Headband as a reward. Available from the start of the chapter, go into the Cathedral and approach Xsana. Apparently a thief has been to the Cathedral and stolen something. You'll get word that the thief has been spotted in the Neon District's back alley. Head to the marked spot and you'll fight a couple of dudes, then learn that the thing Xsana is actually looking for is with "the boss", who's at the Nightclub.

Go there and head to the left side of the club.

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Look for a dude passed out on the floor. Turns out Lyra had your back on this. Take the stuffed animal back up to the Cathedral and hand it over to get a Clarity Augite. Available from the start of the chapter, go to the Scavenger Shop and a girl will run up and bump into you.

Her brother will come up to scold her, and then Rei will show up. Turns out the kids are helping out a store. The store owner will show up and mention that the kids don't have parents and that an "uncle" came by to take care of them. Head over to the store in the back alley of the Junk District and you'll find the owner again, having been beat up.

Head to the west part of the Bazaar to find the bad guys. End them, and then the "uncle" when he shows up. Go back to the store to get Rei's Plates. He says he's at the "Junk Shop", but apparently he didn't mean the actual Junk Shop. He's actually to the southeast a bit poking at some wares. Speak to him and then he'll head over to Lin's Shop. Go there yourself and you'll learn Lin moped off and has been taken by strangers. Head to the marked spot to the west of the Bazaar and you'll find Bat surrounded by thugs. Beat them up and you'll finish the substory. Once you get access to racing, go to the building between Paradise and Rob's Bar.

You'll see a guy hanging around outside. Approach him and he'll mention about the magical lost art of "video games" and how he's looking to fill his arcade. They're out there, in the Wasteland. The thing you need to find them is a Treasure Map. In fact, I'm pretty sure the next one you get ends up being an arcade machine: Out Run. Bring it back to the guy and you'll be able to play it inside the arcade. Getting all four of the arcade games will close out the substory.

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Once you complete the previous substory and fully populate the arcade, keep searching for Treasure Maps to head out to the Wasteland and you just might a "Sega Mark III". Take that to the arcade and the guy will fix it up so you can play it back at your hideout. He'll also give you , IDL. Follow the story in Chapter 6 until you have to go to Highland Village with Jagre. This substory is unavoidable as part of the story. You get a Fertility Augite as a reward. Return to Highland Village after rescuing Yosumi and you'll find him standing near the well if you don't see him, go ahead to Chapter 8 and he'll be there.

Speak to him and he'll be talking about getting the village back on its feet. He needs a few items to make the dream come true, though: four Fine Cogwheels, three Fine Nails, and three Plastics.

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You can find all of those in the local Western Highlands area if you drive around enough, or you can buy them from the shops in Eden if you've been making friends while Bartending.