Polytheism and Society at Athens

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. A useful overview of the role of the Greek gods and divine action as presented in the Homeric poems. Kirk, G.

Harmondsworth: Penguin. A study on Greek mythology in general, with insight into the Homeric portrayal of gods. Parker, R. Oxford: University Press, chapters 1—5. A very detailed and in depth study of religion in Athens that considers household, civic and international religious practice. Redfield, J.

London: University of Chicago Press. An interesting study of the Iliad, with pages focusing on the gods. Oxford: Oxford University Press. A thorough study combining archaeological, literary and epigraphic evidence of the sacrificial rituals that were practiced by Greek worshippers to honour Greek heroes from the Archaic to the early Hellenistic periods. LiDonnici, L. Atlanta, GA: Scholars Press. Nutton, V. London: Routledge.

A densely packed book with a wide array of sources on ancient medicine. Parke, W. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Versnel, H. Leiden: Brill.

Anthesteria - Extract from 'Polytheism and Society at Athens' - Robert Parker, pdf | DocDroid

A rich volume of five essays focusing on topics such as prayers, faith and communication with the divine in Greek religion. Jenkins, I. London: British Museum Press. This book has wonderful images of the frieze that enables the reader to appreciate it in full. It also contains detailed descriptions as well as various arguments about the subject matter.

Kindt, J. A detailed and thoughtful study on individual religion in ancient Greece. Mikalson, J.

What did democracy really mean in Athens? - Melissa Schwartzberg

Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell, pp. A highly readable and accessible study of many aspects of Greek Religion.

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Newby, Z. London: Bloomsbury Plc. An engaging and accessible study of ancient athletics, that sets the Olympic contests within its festival context. Oxford: Oxford University Press, chapter Bruit Zaidman, L. New York: Cambridge University Press. A very detailed and interesting study of civic religion that presents evidence from different cities, but with a clear focus on Athenian festivals.

Beard, M. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, chapter 2. A very interesting overview of the history of the Parthenon. Evans-Pritchard, E. Oxford: Clarendon Press, chapters 8—9. A fascinating account of how oracles form part of everyday lives of a tribe. Hurwit, J. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, chapters 3, 4, 8 and 9.

A detailed history of the Acropolis reflecting the changing political climate. Price, S. Muir eds Greek Religion and Societ y. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, chapter 6. A useful introduction to Delphi and the various accounts of how divination occurred. Scott, M. Princeton: Princeton University Press. A very detailed and thorough study of Delphi that is still very accessible and readable. Spivey, N. A study of the Olympic games that considers the religious and political context as well as the athletics. A very accessible account of the Olympic Games. Bremmer, J. Oxford: Blackwell. A brief yet thorough summary of the current scholarly debate on theories explaining animal sacrifice.

Burkert, W. Berkeley: University of California Press. A fascinating theoretical approach to ancient Greek animal sacrifice from an anthropological perspective. Chaniotis, A. Dignas and K. Trampedach eds.

Polytheism and Society at Athens

London: Harvard University Press, pp. A brilliant overview of what was needed to become a priest or ritual expert in Greece, including the most recent evidence. Detienne, M. Vernant, eds. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Dignas, B. London: Harvard University Press. A very useful collection of essays on different aspects of Greek ritual specialists including a particularly informative introduction to this much-debated subject. Alroth eds. An important scholarly collection of thirty-seven cross-disciplinary essays discussing questions concerning the relationship of Olympian gods and chthonian underworld gods in Greek thought.

Ahbel-Rappe, S. Auteur: Robert Parker.

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Samenvatting This book is an attempt to take seriously the cliche that Greek religion is an eminently social phenomenon. It differs from Histories of Greek Religion' by focusing on a particular Greek city with particular social structures. It treats a much broader range of phenomena than do books on Athenian festivals'.

It seeks to bridge the gap that usually divides studies of Greek religion from studies of Greek history and society. Among the topics discussed are the actual dates and circumstances of foundation of many temples, festivals, and cults at Athens, the historical development of the social structures within which religious activities took place, and the effects in the religious sphere of the radical shift in Athens' political life from tyranny to democracy and the acquisition of an empire.

Robert Parker investigates the relation between religion and political prestige, considers the introduction of new cults, and looks in detail at such key personalities and events in the religious history of Athens as Lycurgus the Eteoboutad and his religious policies, and the trial of Socrates. The period covered is roughly that from to BC. Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s What Parker does that is new is to give us a broad picture of religious practices and outlook This ambitious self-limitation permits a developmental account that is refreshingly embedded both in the underlying social framework and in historical narrative.

Greek Gods Abroad

Epigraphists will enjoy seeing their patient reconstructive work rescued from the brilliant obscurity of learned journals to be incorporated into this masterly synthesis. It is an extraordinary achievement to have made the assembling of fragmentary and often unexciting evidence of various kinds, with all the necessary qualification and counter-qualification, so absorbingly readable.

Parker excels in elegant caution. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: Paperback. Verkoop door bol. In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje.